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To make your label printing process trouble free, we recommend that you use the shortest feed path through your printer. This is usually via the manual or multi-purpose feed option. Always refer to your printer manual before using labels in your printer.

We recommend you store your A4 Inkjet / Laser / Copier Labels sealed in the plastic bag inner in a cool well ventilated place. Because of the porous nature of the material it can absorb moisture and can then be subject to paper curl.

Test Prints:
Before printing your A4 Inkjet / Laser / Copier Labels we recommend a test print on plain paper, this is a cost effective way of ensuring you have placed your print in the correct position.

Adhesive bleed:
The adhesive of our A4 Inkjet / Laser / Copier Labels, thanks to the high quality materials used, will not bleed in the high temperatures of a laser printer / copier.

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